Sparkle Milk!

Friends, meet Sparkle.


Two weeks ago, we welcomed this sweet, gorgeous Jersey to the farm, along with two baby lambs and some breeding rabbits. We have all fallen in love with her and she has become a wonderful asset to our farm. With an output of 3-4 gallons of delicious, high-butterfat milk per day we are overwhelmed with so much dairy for just 4 people!

Since it is illegal for us to sell raw milk in Virginia, we are forced to give it away at the Blacksburg Farmers Market on Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. If you would like to donate to the farm to help us care for Sparkle the cow, we will have a donation jar set up at our booth, so look for us under the structure!


If you have questions about raw milk, we have collected some helpful resources for you to check out here:


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A Campaign for Real Milk – Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk

Huffington Post – 10 Things You Should Know About Raw Milk

Weston A. Price Foundation – Real Milk Video


So, come by and see us on Saturdays and try some Sparkle milk! It’s a magical experience! 🙂