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2017 Season Prices

Pasture-Raised, GMO-free Eggs – $5.00/dozen – Coming Mid-Summer!

Chorizo Sausage Links – $8.00/lb. (Great for breakfast or dinner with beans and rice!)

Chorizo (Ground) – $7.75/lb. (Use in place of ground beef for lots of flavor!)

Breakfast Sausage Links – $8.00/lb. (Made with the same sage seasoning as the ground sausage!)

Breakfast Sausage (Ground) – $7.75/lb. (Make patties for breakfast or use for recipes!)

Boston Butt – $7.25/lb. (Pulled pork in the crock pot or smoke it!)

Bacon – $8.00/lb. (Uncured, completely fresh, no preservatives!)

Pork Chops – $9.00/lb. (Huge 1 1/4″ thick! Choose rib chops or boneless loin chop!)

Ground Pork Р$7.00/lb. (Substitute for anything for which you would use ground beef!)

Tenderloin Medallions – $9.50/lb. (The most premium cut of the pig! Also called the fish loin.)

Soup Bones – $5.00/bag (Because bone broth is amazing!)

Liver/Kidneys/Heart/Tongue – $3.00/lb. (Yes, you can eat these! They are loaded with vitamins!)

Fat – $4.00/lb. (Render to make your own lard!)



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